Domestic and Commercial Gas Meter Diaphragm

Sizes: G 1.6, G 2.5, G 4, G 6, G 10, G 16, G 25, G 40
DN: 20 to 100
Measuring Range: Qmin - Qmax 0.016 - 65 m3/h

Use: Natural, Air, Propane, Butane, Nitrogen & All Non-Corrosive Gases

Key Features (Optional)
Ready for Remote Reading and data management
Ultra-compact design
Long-term accuracy and reliability
Robust, maintenance-free meter
Standards compliant across multiple ranges 
High resistance to corrosion 
Very Low-Pressure Loss
Large Cyclic Volumes
MID approved
Compact design fits a variety of installation environments
Environmental Friendly
AMR System

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