Domestic Softener System

Softener System Basically Used for Softening water, by Removing Hardness Components (Calcium & Magnesium Minerals)
The softener can Operate Manual, Semi-Automatic or Fully Automatic. Each Type is Require regeneration Time to time.
Good Softener will Last Many Years, Periodically Servicing Topping Up etc. are the Keys to Long life of Softener.
A softener is Easy to Operate & Maintain. After Installation It's Require Salt Topping Up Timely & Softener Works like Charm.
Hard Water has many bad effects such as clog pipes, damage to water-based home appliances (Washing Machines, Geysers Etc….)
Hard Water is worst for Human Health and causes many health-related issues(Hair Loss, Skin Problems etc...
Water softening means expanding the life span of water base home appliances & enhancing Healthy Life.

Price: Rs. 3000/- Domestic Onwards

Product Description

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