Commercial and Industrial Gas Regulator

Sizes: DN 20, DN 25, DN 40, DN 50, DN 80 & DN 100 
Inlet Pressure: 10 Bar to 25 Bar
Outlet Pressure: 0.1 Bar to 13 Bar
Commercial & Industrial Use: Appliance Pressure Regulation, Burners, Industrial Ovens, Boilers, Gas Supply Networks, District Stations, Heating Plants, City Gate Etc…

Key Features (Optional)
High Flow Accuracy 
High Flow Capacity
Internal Relief 
Inlet Strainer 
Low Noise
Low Differential
Accurate Control
Travel Indicator
EN 334 Compliant
Easy Maintenance
Built-in Shut-Off  Valve
Rapid Response to Load Changes
Rugged Construction for Durability
Balanced Valve Design Eliminates Inlet Pressure Effect 

Product Description

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